Dragons Do Banff – Coach Oly’s Recap

Written by Coach “Oly” Olsen

The Drumheller Dragons went on a team building retreat in Banff from Jan 29-31. I want to thank the ownership for their investment on a team getaway over the weekend! We had a great time! We went bowling and had pizza on Sunday, and we had a great practice on Monday.  Practice was high tempo and full of energy.  We made some changes to our PP; the boys were very energetic and receptive.

We had a fantastic steak sandwich dinner at the Elk and Oarsman on Monday.  Luckily, they had us in a separate room so we could test out the rookies on their Karaoke, joke and impersonation skills.  It was an entertaining night at the Elk and Oarsman!

Game time recap: Dragons lose 7-4

On Tuesday, January 31, we played the Canmore Eagles in Banff. Our team is SIGNIFICANTLY younger than Canmore. Our boys battled hard.  We were able to implement some of the changes we made to the PP and got 2 PP goals.  We were knocked back on our feet a bit in the first period.  The boys were able to settle down during the break, they refocused and came back strong in the second period.  We showed great attention to detail and energy and outshot Canmore.  They continued their efforts through the 3rd and finished the game strong. We have struggled with injuries all year and this game was no exception.  We lost another couple of key players during the game.  Our AP players did a great job stepping in and battling for the team.  Though we had a loss, we had a number of successes during the game.  We have a tough schedule ahead, focus on our systems and goals will be the key in our future games.