Greentree School Hosts Annual Knee Hockey Challenge

On Wednesday morning Greentree School hosted the 11th annual Grade 6 Knee Hockey Challenge organized by Alberta Health Services additions councilor Martin McSween to commemorate National Non Smoking Week, which is January 17-23 this year.

Grade 6 students from Greentree, St. Anthony’s and nearby Morrin school attended the event, which emphasized the importance for keeping tobacco out of sport.

The Drumheller Dragons were the guests of honour, playing knee hockey, speaking to, and signing autographs for the nearly 120 students. The event typically takes place on “Weedless Wednesday” but since the Dragons have a game on January 20, the event was pushed up a week.

The Dragons are honoured to have taken part in this event for the last 11 years. “It’s an opportunity for the players to be an inspiration to the students and to show them that they are taking a stand against tobacco in sport.” said Dragons Business Manager, Amanda Stahl, “plus it looked like everyone, including the players, had a lot of fun”.

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