Hanna Man Wins Dragons Camaro

Saturday was an exhilarating night at the Drumheller Memorial Arena, as the beautiful Dragons Camaro was finally given a new owner.

During the game, 10 people were chosen from the crop of raffle tickets purchased since last summer, five of which were in attendance that evening. The remaining five people were represented by a Drumheller Dragon. The 10 participants were asked to draw a number out of a bag, and the number each person chose determined the order in which they selected their key fob.

There were 10 key fobs available, with only one belonging to the Camaro. Seven people chose their key fobs unsuccessfully, and the eighth person, Dragon forward Matt Muzyka (standing in for Ernest Buchfink of Hanna), ultimately selected the winning key fob to an eruption of applause.

It was an exciting end to the 9-month long raffle, despite the overtime loss to the Camrose Kodiaks that the Dragons suffered only moments prior.

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