MISSION 6
The Drumheller Dragons program is founded on the Core Values of Preparation, Enthusiasm, Character and Hard Work. We follow a detailed curriculum designed to teach the fundamental skills required to become not only successful hockey players but also people of integrity. Our yearly curriculum focuses on: 1) Personal Growth; 2) Skill Development; 3) Education; and 4) Preparation for the next level. It is our Vision that 6 players graduate yearly into College/ University Programs.

What is a SAT Exam and What is it Used For?

An SAT (an acronym for scholastic aptitude test) is a benchmark, which determines how suitable a prospective student is to a first year college or university program. It must be written and passed in order to become eligible for NCAA competition. The exam includes six academic disciplines, 3 verbal and 3 math sections and will take approximately 3 hours to complete. The test is written in various locations throughout the province on 7 different dates. There is a registration date for each writing, and the cost is approximately $72

Dragons and the SAT Exam

The Drumheller Dragons Organization and our Education Department help our players with all aspects of the SAT examination. All our players are well aware of the available dates of the examination, as well as being constantly prepared with the right guidance and the proper study materials. The Dragons Organization covers any costs associated with taking the SAT exam, as well as any other guidance required to steer the player academic endeavours.